Spring (if you can call it that)

This spring has been crazy. I’ve been busy taking one credit classes at the UofU. Monday we had a wonderful day, it was 75 degrees. Tuesday I headed into Salt Lake for my classes clad in a T-shirt and capris. At 4:00 when it was time to go I went out to the car and was welcomed by SNOW! It was freezing out! I couldn’t believe the difference in weather from one day to the next.

Clark has been busy working and in his spare time has been fixing up old beehives that he salvaged a few weeks ago.

Ben loves the snow and hasn’t minded our crazy spring. He’s always happy to go outside in the snow.

Daniel is unbelievably busy. I try to channel his energy into productive activities, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

5 thoughts on “Spring (if you can call it that)

  1. The blog reads as good in England as it does for Joe and Leslie! We’re quite flattered that you would include us in this high-tech wonder. We loved the pictures and the scientific poll to determine who “baby” will be. We’re hoping for a girl!

  2. This picture of Daniel is an absolute keeper. He is cuter than cute! However, shouldn’t he wear some sort of dish doing fall restraint system with a 4 point harness and a helmet? If you need help installing a hook in the ceiling let me know!

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