Yard Work

I finally finished (mostly) the arbor that I started building last fall. The lower parts are vinyl (for durability) and arch portion is cobbled together from scraps of redwood and Pressure-treated 2×8 (left over from Quincy house, actually!) As soon as I hang the gate, the dog can be confined to just the backyard or front yard, and hopefully the trail in the lawn will disappear. I think it looks nice. (The lilac behind it certainly helps.) Just wait until the trellis sides are covered with the climbing rose I planted…

Here’s an update on the other projects I’ve been working on:

The west flowerbed is starting to take shape

The tractor tire sandbox is quite popular in the neighborhood…

The sq. ft. gardens are also nearing completion. This is the salsa garden with tomatoes, peppers, and cilantro. If anyone has requests for fresh garden produce that can be ready for the baby blessing,please post your comments now.


4 thoughts on “Yard Work

  1. You have outdone yourself, winesap! The arbor is exactly the way arbors should be – what color will the roses be?? I wish I could smell the lilacs!
    I didn’t know you were doing a raised bed on the west side. That looks fabulous. And the sandbox is perfect, I wish little Granny Smith could come down and play in it!

  2. Count me in for fresh salsa! Yum, I’m dreaming of it now. The arbor turned out NICE! Probably the best creation to come out of QH wood scraps! In fact, everything looks GREAT! I love how industrious you are. Always working on a great project. Just 2more days until I get to see you in England….I can hardly wait!

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