The New Piano

While in Idaho, I hried Mr. Bechtel to do some trucking for me. He brought us a NICE piano, a set of bunk beds, and a few small odds and ends. He returned with a queen-sized bed, an electric organ, several copies of my family history story Torpedoed! and a dozen miscellaneous trees and bushes. Sure is nice to have family that’s willing to help each other out! The piano sure looks great set up in the front room.

4 thoughts on “The New Piano

  1. The piano DOES look great in the living room! Especially with the statue – lovely! With a statue like that I expect you to start playing Jessica’s theme from Man From Snowy River… And yes, Mr. Bechtel IS very nice. No bias.

  2. Oh yes, I forgot! The trees are gorgeous. They are so nice! I am really grateful for them. I shall endeavor to keep them alive. Thank you, thank you.

  3. What a beautiful piano! I like how you have the picture and candles. It looks so nice! It sounds like you got a great trade.

  4. Let me know when this pregnancy thing is over!!! I’m really ready to be done, and I’m sure you are too! The trip sounds like it was a blast – wish we were still there to have seen you at the same time!

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