Summer Hike

It’s been a while since I posted anything because being large with child I find that I don’t have the energy to do much worth posting. We did go on a family hike Saturday morning first thing, the boys had a great time throwing rocks into the stream.


5 thoughts on “Summer Hike

  1. Hey I’ve been looking for a new post from you guys! Looks like a fun time. I know that Jenny and I are trying to have a “last summer of fun” before she’s too big to do anything and after the twins come and our change our lives forever. Was that up the canyon by your house? Its great that you guys have that access so close to your house. Best of luck with the birth. I’m sure the next time I hear from you it will be after you have your baby.

  2. You’re kids are sooooo cute! It’s always fun to do family things!

    Good to hear from you, glad you’re doing well…keep us posted about the baby


    btw…Linda had her baby this evening…baby boy, still no name…8lbs 11 oz..

  3. Great post Lillie–I loved the pictures. Daniel has the absolute best smile. What a doll! Ben is growing tall. I can hardly wait to see you all. And for you to be out hiking just a few days before the baby is due is amazing! What a girl!

  4. You do not look “large with child”, I can’t believe you’re due any day! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for July 4th….girls are very INDEPENDENT. Hang in there!

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