A few more pictures

Well, Hannah is proving to be difficult to photograph because she sleeps all day, and when she is awake, no one else is up – except for me of course, and somehow that’s not when I feel like taking “cute Hannah” pictures. I did get a few today though, and here they are.


6 thoughts on “A few more pictures

  1. Lillie and Clark – she is an absolute doll! Shall we do an arranged marriage and let her and LeGrand get married? 🙂 She’s already on the same schedule as he is… although – we should probably wait to see what THEY want to do… Congratulations to BOTH of you! (And Lillie – if you’re up those hours, so am I if you want to call… or maybe I’ll call you…)

  2. So Darling!! All the kids are in love with her! Braeburn said, “Clark and Lillie have the cutest kids!” Enjoy her every second!

  3. My word, she is a beautiful one! I think you should be happy to take cute Hannah pictures any time day or night, but then I’ve been a new mom and know otherwise…cute or not. Congrats.

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