Pop Quiz Answers

The post you’ve all been waiting for!

1) Rhode Island Red: the classic “little red hen” will lay about 250 eggs per year.

2) White Plymouth Rock: A cold hardy bird that will produce 200 eggs/year. We have four.

3) Buff Brahma: Primarily a meat bird, they lay about 150 eggs/year. We have three hens.

4) Blue Andalusian: The Medieval spanish chickens can lay 170 eggs/year. We have four.

Let’s see, that works out to be 2,150 eggs per year, or about half a dozen eggs a day. More in the summer, and fewer in the winter (we have an unlighted, unheated coop.) Hmm…looks like we’ll need to make more pound cake and egg nog!


One thought on “Pop Quiz Answers

  1. Oh darn! I thought I guessed so good on the last one, too! Oh, well, what can I say… I guess I’m just not the chicken genius I should be.

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