Election Coverage

Holy Cow! Who would have guessed McCain’s VP pick? And who’d have guessed it would have started such a media uproar. The most recent edition of Newsweek hit the nail on the head: “Just when you thought this election might start making sense, the country finds itself back in the uncharted part of the map where the illustrations of dragons go.”

So… while the media shift into overdrive with their double-standard coverage of everything from her experience, gender, family issues, and even hairstyle– (I’m not kidding, The Boston Herald evidently has major issues with it. Click here.)– I’ll let Newt Gingrich rebut all the other concerns.

Go Sarah!


4 thoughts on “Election Coverage

  1. Go Sarah! I was amazed by her speech last night, she is so funny- and on the yahoo news page they went through all of the points of her speech last night trying to catch her lying- Every single thing she said was true! (Even the part about her selling her plane on ebay. 🙂 )

  2. I haven’t laughed at a political speech (as in happy laughter, not you’ve got to be kidding laughter) for so long that last night was fabulous. Grace under pressure. Loved it!

  3. Amen, to that! I think she is terrific. Best thing to happen to the Republican Party in a long time. I read her face and she is a “tough cookie”. Look at that square jaw line. I think she’s a fighter.

  4. Who whould have thought that it would take a VP nominee to put WASILLA on the map?! I get people asking all the time if I know her since she was the mayor of my home town. Regretably, no.

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