Three "Little Things"

1. Hannah, and her young age of 7 weeks slept all night last night. That’s right! 10:00 – 6:00. I hope this is the beginning of wonderful sleep filled nights!

2. Also about Hannah, she has learned how to SMILE! She melts my heart every time. I’ve been trying to capture her beautiful smile on film, but she must be shy or modest or something, in any case, I have been unsuccessful. I’ll keep trying.

3. And last, my favorite part of the day (except when all the kids are in bed and asleep at the same time) is in the afternoon when Daniel and I gather the eggs. That’s a lot of fun, but the best part is on the way back to the house we stop at the peach tree and treat ourselves to a peach. Nothing is as good as a sun ripened, sun warmed, juicy, sweet peach that drips all over my hands and chin.


4 thoughts on “Three "Little Things"

  1. yay you! I think LeGrand has slept through the night once in the past two months… I’m also hoping for longer sleep, although his sleeping isn’t bad. He does have hollow legs though, so he is up at least once in the middle of the night for some recharging. Oh well. As for the smiling – I love it when they start to smile! LeGrand started a couple of weeks smiling for real – instead of just once in a while, and now I can hardly get him to stop! And the eggs… I’m thinking angel food cake… it uses 12 egg whites……. first, I have to get through th 5 dozen eggs that I BOUGHT before we got rid of our cannabilistic hen and started getting about 9 eggs a day. I’ll keep you posted with some good recipes if I find them.

  2. I am envious of your peach picking! Even though we had a great vegetable harvest, I really wish we could grow fruit here. Oh well, I guess you can’t have everything… So go enjoy a peach for me.

  3. just a thought about your eggs… if you’re finding that you have more than you can use, put a sign on the front lawn advertising fresh farm eggs… call in advance so that there are eggs to go around! I stopped by one of the local garden centers here and sold 2 dozen eggs to one of the employees who is a friend of mine. Doesn’t cost you much to get the eggs, and every little bit helps! I’m selling them for $2.00 a dozen because that’s what brown eggs are going for in the store – and I’m getting some jumbo eggs. Your price might be a little different – but it’s an eggcellent way to teach Ben about tithing if he gets to earn a percentage for helping gather the eggs! I’m thinking of offering Savannah 25% of the profits if she’s diligent about gathering the eggs…

  4. Hi! Hannah is such a doll to sleep for you like that! Nice going. Yes, ditto on all the peach comments. we’re all very jealous!

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