Ben the Jedi

Last Friday, Ben attended his friend’s 5-year-old birthday party.
It had a Star Wars theme, and all the guest were invited to bring their light sabers. He had a great time. The boys used The Force to open the garage door, and after several attempts, they successfully managed to lift it (thanks to the garage door opener in his Dad’s pocket.) When the door opened, ominous music began to play and out stepped Darth Vader!
The young Jedis whipped out their light sabers and soon had Darth cornered in the garage, here he surrendered with a photo op.
Ben came home yesterday with this photo. “Dad, can you put this up on the computer for my cousins to see?” he asked. How could I refuse? With a little bit of help from a Google image search, photoshop, and iTunes, it’s even better. (click here for the full effect.)


2 thoughts on “Ben the Jedi

  1. Well hello there! I didn’t even know I mentioned my blog last night, but I felt like I had ADD last night, so who knows what I said or did for that matter.

    I’m glad you found mine though… it’s become an addiction to blog, but I love it! SO fun that you have one too! Hope all is well!

    P.S. My mom has one too, that mostly my sisters and myself update, but check it out too- she’s linked on mine.

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