Halloween Fun

Halloween is so much fun. The boys each picked out a pumpkin and then chose the face they wanted Dad to carve into their pumpkin.

In the evening they both headed out to trick or treat (with Clark again, Hannah and I passed out candy). I couldn’t believe the amount of junk they brought home, as if I NEED that much candy tempting me…..

Daniel LOVED being batman, he didn’t want me to take his costume off (could have been because he just didn’t want to put his pajamas on). Ben had so much fun being a pirate last year, he insisted on the same costume this year – hey, works for me!

Three and a half weeks till Thanksgiving, another month past that to Christmas, the holiday season is upon us. Everybody ready? On your mark get set …..GO!


4 thoughts on “Halloween Fun

  1. Nice pumpkins Clark! Ben and Daniel look really cute. I’m not sure I’m ready for the holidays yet either. I can’t believe its almost 2009.

  2. Yes, it sounds like Halloween was a HUGE success! Ben and Daniel look great in their costumes. By the way, I like your new header on your blog. Good work!

  3. I wish they all could have come trick or treating at our house. Isn’t the amount of junk horrid? Although I heavily tax the chocolate ones… Love the pumpkin seeds and scrip.

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