A Mormon Boy

A short story for your post-election sanity: Lillie took the boys down to the library last week for storytime, and the librarians told the children we had a new president. Then they asked who thier favorite was. After a short pause, she prompted “I like President Washington.”
The other librarian added, “I like President Lincoln.”
At that, Ben raised his hand.
“Yes, Ben?” The librarian asked, reading his nametag.
“I like President Monson!” he piped up.
Yup, we’re proud of our faith in this family. None of that I’m-ashamed-of the-Church-for-meddling-in-Prop-8 nonsense around here. As President Benson’s favorite primary song says, “A Mormon boy, a Mormon boy, I am a Mormon boy; I might be envied by a king, For I am a Mormon boy!”


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