A fall tradition at our house (out of necessity) is raking leaves. This week, the weather had been perfect, so every afternoon we rake for an hour or too. Hannah is a happy observer, but the boys love to help. We rake a massive pile of leaves onto the biggest tarp around, hold up the sides and drag/push it over to the side of the yard where we dump the leaves down the back hill. That’s very convenient, I can’t imagine what we’d do if we actually had to move the masses of leaves OFF our property! Anyway, there is always time to play while we work, and today I got out the camera to record the fun.

Hannah, enjoying the fresh air.

The boys playing in the leaves.

Ben had a great time swinging on the rope swing and jumping off into the pile of leaves. After landing head first (see below) and bumping his head, he made sure to land feet first the rest of the time.
My little buddy.

3 thoughts on “Fall

  1. So you dump your leaves down the back hill huh? How do the R-J neighbors feel about this? I think you may be impacting their property value…. ah, suburban life..

  2. Those are some great pics! Sounds like a bundle of fun at your house. I wouldn’t expect anything less! We need to come your way for a leaf jumping party šŸ™‚

  3. Clark, Clark, Clark…this is a little disturbing for me.

    My oldest – 4 almost 5 and blonde.
    My second – 2 (3 in March) and brown hair.
    My third – A little girl on the way. Also with an H name.

    I look forward to finding out if you have more kids and what you call them so I can see where my family is headed.

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