Christmas is that wonderful holiday when parents work hard and stay up late to make things just perfect for their children, anticipating laughter and gratitude and fun to be had by all. This year things didn’t exactly work out that way. Don’t get me wrong, I did my part, so did Clark. Someone must have forgotten to tell the CHILDREN how they were supposed to act.
Ben woke up at about 6:30 – Oh wait, back up. Daniel woke up at 5:00 AM, didn’t remember a thing about Christmas, climbed into our bed and fell back asleep. Fast forward to 6:30, I heard Ben come up the stairs, rummage around in the living room for a minute before stomping into our room very indignantly waving a DVD from his stocking in my face and declaring, “I HATE Superman!!!!!”
Ben went back into the front room as I rolled over and mumbled to Clark, “Wow. It’s going to be a GREAT Christmas.”
I turned my attention back to Ben in the living room. I heard him unwrapping a present (we always wait and open presents together) but before I could get up and correct the situation, he was back in our room again, this time with a little dolly.
“WHY did Santa bring me a doll?” I could tell he was honestly perplexed, “I don’t want a doll! Santa must have made a mistake! Why would he have brought me a dolly?”
I guess Ben had looked at the first present he had come across and since it had “one of his letters” on it he had assumed that it was for him.
Despite the rough start, we still had a pretty good day. Christmas dinner was superb and the kids enjoyed their presents, even though we weren’t overwhelmed by “thank yous” I am willing to take the blame for that. We will be working on the proper etiquette for receiving gifts at our house and hopefully Ben’s birthday party in 6 weeks will be a better reflection of us as parents.


3 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Hey Lillie! So funny, glad it turned out good in the end. Got your letter, you guys sound great and we really do need to try and get together! When do you come to Vegas?

  2. Your little girl is an angel! So cute! My kids are still so young I could give them a cardboard box and they would be thrilled with it and play with it for hours.

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