Ben is FIVE

Ben had a great birthday! He had his first “friend” party, complete with eight crazy 4-7 year olds, a spiderman cake and a magic show put on by Clark.


7 thoughts on “Ben is FIVE

  1. I can’t believe Ben is already 5. I remember when we came over after he was born and Clark was holding him with a pillow under him because he was so small. I love the cake you made.

  2. Is he really 5? I still can’t believe our others will be 3 this year. It seems like yesterday we were pregnant together…

  3. Wow! I have lots of comments. First, what sort of incredible mom makes a cake like that? Second, Happy Birthday Ben! Third, was that a magic show set -up Clark? Forth, I LOVE the book case and the wood floor. Excellent! And last, LIllie, I love your new photo on the comment box. LOvely lady!

  4. I would read blogs more often I would have already known about this fun birthday party and not have to of been told about it. I am thinking of scratching Millie’s party. It would relieve A LOT of stress to not do it, but on the other hand it would be so much fun. I can’t decide what to do. I feel so strained lately. I just need to chill out.

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