As you probably read below, part of Ben’s birthday party included a magic show. Part of that magic show included a trick in which the kids (each equipped with their own wand) helped Clark cut a banana into slices while it was still in the peel. Then of course Clark peeled the banana and behold, magically sliced.

Fast forward to the morning after the party, and Ben comes into our bedroom asking if he can have some leftover birthday cake for breakfast. I tell him sure, after he eats a banana, and then roll over to catch another 10 minutes of sleep. As I lay there, I become aware of someone talking in the kitchen. I strain to hear, thinking maybe Daniel has gotten up too, but no, it is Ben, “Abra Cadabra, Hocus Pocus, Alacazam!!!”

A few minutes pass and Ben comes back into our room, this time in tears. “Mom, my magic wand doesn’t work! It won’t cut up my banana!” Oh, to believe in Magic.


3 thoughts on “Magic

  1. LOL… great story. Our Stuart learned magic at an early age and my favorite was when he would sniff out the card I picked with his *smelling* fingers.

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