Our Backyard

We have the BEST backyard ever. My kids, the neighbor kids, and their neighbor’s kids, all love to play in our backyard. I love the backyard too. It has shade in the summer, sun in the winter, and a never ending source of inspiration for pictures!

My newest obsession is to learn the photography technique called Panning. I’ve taken hundreds of picture of my kids in motion to try to get the perfect shot. The lucky thing is that my kids never get tired of being in motion, so I can practice as long as I want (or until my arms get tired from all the pushing). This is one of my best attempts. What do you think? The subject is supposed to be in focus while the background blurs, creating the feeling of motion.

This one is only ok. Ben’s not quite moving fast enough, and the background lines aren’t blurry enough.

I love this picture of Daniel, but the horizon isn’t straight, so I’ll have to work on it some more.

Stay tuned for my next post: “Aliens in our backyard”


9 thoughts on “Our Backyard

  1. Lillie… I AM SO IMPRESSED! Great photos… and the one with the horizon off kilter only give your photo that much more movement! WOW! You are amazing! (And isn’t digital the best? You can take hundreds of photos and only use/print the ones you want!)

  2. Cool pictures Lillie! I want your camera (and you to teach me how to use it). You are going to have a lot of fun scrapbooking all your awesome photos.

  3. Man, I’m dizzzzy. The world is spinning around and around! The first one of Ben is excellent. I want to see one of Yukon, jumping up to get a frisbee or something. That would be sweet.

  4. WOW! That just amazing. I’m lucky if I can get my pictures to come out good enough that you can tell there are actually people in them. I’ve been asked more than once “were you drunk when you took this picture?” Funny thing is, I don’t even drink. =D

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