Aliens in our Backyard

OK. So there aren’t really aliens in our backyard, but that sounded so much better than Animals in our Backyard. And sometimes the animals act like they are from outer space, so I’m sticking to the Alien title.


Yukon. Our Retriever/Lab mix. He’s a great dog, loves to go for walks, play with the kids, guard us from Mountain Lions…

Agate, our half wild cat that Yukon found on one of our walks up the canyon a few years ago.

Sir Galihad, or Hadley for short. He is the king cat. A great mouser/bird killer 😦 Doesn’t like Agate, and chases her off the property whenever he gets the chance.
The flock. We have 11 hens and 2 roosters.
This is King Henry. His name says it all- He rules the roost. Except when he’s not watching closely and Wilber sneaks privileges with the Hens. King Henry gets FURIOUS when that happens and chases poor Wilber away.
Wilber is a lone rooster, shunned by the Flock. He’s at the bottom of the pecking order. I’d feel sorry for him, but at least he’s alive. He was abandoned up the canyon, and our neighbor’s dad’s dog found him and took a bite out of him before the Dad saved him and dumped him over the fence into our yard. So he’s really lucky to have such a nice safe place to live, even if he is the outcast. And he is pretty good at sneaking privileges, so don’t feel too sorry for him.

8 thoughts on “Aliens in our Backyard

  1. That was such a good post that I think I’ll have to copy you 🙂 (But I won’t steal your amazing title)
    The only problem is that I won’t be able to take pictures that good!

  2. That is so funny, love it! So is “sneaking privileges” a technical term? I know I’m animal ignorant, but I assume I’m guessing right….

  3. What a fun post. HA! I love the name of your dog, don’t understand the name of your cat, and your 3rd pet? What happened to it’s face? Did he get scratched? oww! The chickens are awesome. I want some! Poor wilber…. he needs a spider to spin webs for him to help him feel better about himself. Also… loved that you said “privileges” HA!

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