Jumping Jack’s

Spring is wonderful, and terrible.  Last weekend was wonderful.  The weather was warm and sunny, breathing life into the brown drab landscape.  The apricot tree bloomed.  I bloomed.  I was inspired to hike and take pictures.  Be outside.

Then winter decided to make a comeback.  This week has been just the opposite.  Dead.  Cold.  Snowy, if you can believe it.  Windy.  Depressing.  “Ucky” as Daniel would say.  The first words out of Ben’s mouth these past two mornings have been a repetitive chant, “I hate snow, I hate snow, I hate snow…..”  Daniel on the other hand looks out the window and breaks into song, “Once there was a snow man, snow man, snow man…”  He doesn’t mind the snow like the rest of us do.

Today I decided that we needed to get out.  Despirately.  So we did.  We left sleeping Hannah with her working-from-home-daddy, and the boys and I went to Jumping Jack’s.  We’d never been before and I think it’s kinda pricy, but it was the perfect diversion on a cold winter/spring day.   And the best part was that the sun came out as we drove home.jumping-jack


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