Ben brought a note home Sunday telling us it was his turn to give a talk in primary next week.  The topic was family, and the different roles family members have.  We talked about planning it all week.  We just never actually got around to it.  And then of course, we forgot all about it.

Sunday I was sick.  Hannah, Daniel and I all stayed home from church.   I didn’t remember the fact that Ben had a talk until about 5 minutes before primary started.  Hannah was fussing in her crib and Daniel had just fallen asleep.  I looked in the mirror at my stringy hair, and noticed yesterday’s makeup smeared on my face.  I briefly contemplated grabbing the kids, throwing on a dress and running to the church to save the day, but I just couldn’t do it (I was sick remember).  So I fretted, worried, and tried to telepathically remind Clark about Ben’s talk.  I imagined Ben sobbing inconsolably because his awful parents hadn’t helped him get ready.  Ug, it was a terrible two hours.

In the end, everything worked out just fine.

Clark remembered that Ben had a talk about a half hour before I did.  The two of them tip-toed out of Sacrament Meeting and found an empty classroom where they brainstormed what Ben would say.  Then Clark wrote out Ben’s talk in these amazing hieroglyphics.

Ben stood up in front of the primary and flawlessly read his talk.  Everyone was impressed.  One woman said to Clark afterward, “I just can’t believe how well Ben reads!” – Remember he just turned five last month and hasn’t even started kindergarten yet!  She was still impressed even when Clark showed her what Ben had actually been reading.

Can you read Ben’s talk?   See how well you do and then watch the video of Ben giving his talk.  (He’s read it so many times now that he has it memorized.)



4 thoughts on “Hieroglyphics

  1. This is just amazing. I feel very honored to have seen the talk “Live” at our house last weekend. Ben did a fantastic job. I couldn’t make heads or tails of Clark’s chicken scratch – obviously the two geniuses had no problem figuring things out.

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