Photo of the week

week 17pict-of-the-week-17


7 thoughts on “Photo of the week

  1. Very huge pictures! I like this over here. Sorry I haven’t looked at blogs on a while. I am excited for your opportunity with the fishing in alaska. It sounds like alot of fun. Your pictures are all beautiful. I wish I took good pictures of my children. They are always so wierd looking. Your easter pics are adorable. I will change my link. Don’t worry about missing VT this morning, Laura actually had forgotten too and I was late getting there. We chatted for a few, all is well. Talk to you soon.

  2. Hey why do you not have a link to me on your side bar? Is it because I don’t have a cool name like alot of your other friends or you just don’t like me enough to link me?

    • Strictly an oversight my friend! I have you on my reader, so I’ve been reading your blog, but thanks for the observation – your there now!

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