Ben and Daniel love working outside with their dad.


Being little boys they often get distracted and involved it their own projects.  I’m sure Clark doesn’t mind.

I walked up on this scene.  Mom: “Hey boys, what are you guys doing?”poison

Ben: “Making poison.”

Mom: “Really?  Who are you going to poison?”

Ben: “Ants.”


5 thoughts on “Poison

  1. The best thing was that ben snuch a few tablespoons of sugar outside to put in the mix “to make it yummy for the ants.”

  2. I am making poison, daddy!! Like father, like son!
    I loved everything about your last several posts. This new camera is such a great thing!! The easter pics are darling. I would have liked to see Clark’s purple egg with the white cross. I also made one this year. Mom would say, “so conservative!” Also, great update on the birds!

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