Mini Hike

Daniel and I went for a mini hike with Yukon the other day.  It is so fun to see all the little signs of spring everywhere.  I carried Dan part of the way, and then he walked while I took pictures.  We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the special Mommy/Daniel time together.






10 thoughts on “Mini Hike

  1. First off… did you really post this in the middle of the night? My Google reader shows 1:31 am!
    And, as always, lovely photos. What fun to have a date with Daniel.

    • Of course not Joanie! I need my beauty sleep. I write each post in advance, and then schedule it to publish first thing in the morning. Literally.

  2. WOAH! How did you do the absolutely darling ‘what it’s all about’ little thing? I love it! Is it just a wordpress thing or can you do it on Blogger?

    • It’s called a category cloud, and I checked on blogger, I think you can do the same thing if you add a “label” gadget. That should make a list of all the labels you’ve given your posts, and when someone clicks on one, those posts should come up.

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