The Bees have Arrived

I found these in the garage today.  Let’s see.  Four packages, each containing 3 lbs or about 10,000 bees, that’s around 40,000 bees all together!   Better stay away if you don’t like bees.  These packaged bees come from pollinating the Almond crop in California.  Each package has 3lbs of bees, a can of sugar water to feed them during transport, and a Queen bee in her own little cage.  Clark’s job is to move the bees from the package to their new hive.

dsc_00034When working with bees, the first thing to do is suit up.  If this is not done properly, bad things can happen (just ask Clark).    This is the rule unless you are a photographer, in which case the bees will leave you alone. – They like getting their pictures taken. 🙂

dsc_00122After suiting up, Clark takes out the queen cage and replace the cork with a marshmallow.  The worker bees will get to know the queen while they eat through the marshmallow, and when it’s gone, the queen will come out and start laying eggs.

dsc_00192 Clark puts the queen into the hive, sprays the package with sugar water to keep the bees busy eating  and then shakes the package into the hive with the queen.  He puts the cover on and leaves the package nearby so the slowpokes can join their friends in the hive.

dsc_00251There you go, simple as can be.



7 thoughts on “The Bees have Arrived

  1. I don’t think I could work with all those bees. I would be scared to death to even stand out there and take pictures. Your pictures look great.

  2. Just can’t wait to get some myself. . . . .umm. . . .
    But on another note- I did the labels thing on my blog and it didn’t even come up with an option called ‘Category Cloud.’ It just numbered them in a long, boring list. Any ideas???

  3. Lillie, I love reading your blog! I’m so glad that you can fill my nature/outdoor/animal loving quota for me and I can just experience it all vicariously through you!

  4. What a great post. I remember seeing your hives earlier this year. You guys are having way too much fun with your little *farm* on Canyon Rd. I love these photos and the smart photogenic bees!

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