Backyard Barber Shop

One of my favorite things about spring is that the Backyard Barbershop opens.

That means the Kitchen table Barbershop gets to close for the season.



Checking out their hair



6 thoughts on “Backyard Barber Shop

  1. I just can’t get over how great these pictures are. Each post is just a treasure. I LOVE Hannah’s cheerio trail..”She was interested!!” And you are the bravest woman in the world to work with bees. Although anyone who can pick up fish like that would find bees no problem, I’m sure!

  2. Your boys are much better behaved then mine are while I cut there hair. Joseph does ok, just a little squirmy. Jacob has to be practically pinned down. He screams the whole time. By the time I am done he is so sweaty that all the cut hair just sticks to him.

    I love all the pictures that you post. I need to better about taking more pictures of my kids.

    • They love hair cuts, and Daniel finally lets me shampoo his hair with out screaming bloody murder the whole time. Progress is being made.

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