The 4th of July

Before I begin an account of our trip to California, I’d like to fast forward through June to the 4th of July.  I am so sadly behind that it is already over a week past the fact, but if I wait until I catch up chronologically I’m afraid it could be  November before I get to it.  So here it is.

We went to Salina where my sister Lisa lives to experience the 4th small town style.   Richfield (next town over) hosts a little carnival/fair event complete with blow-ups, food and entertainment.  They also have two great kid events.  Foot races, and a fish catch. We started the day there.

But we had one very important stop to make on the way.



On your mark, get set…GO!


Daniel wanted to race too, that is, until it was actually time to run.  Then he changed his mind.  That seemed to be a theme with the boys that day.

After the races came the fish catch.

A few hundred trout were dumped into temporary pools.


On “GO” the kids jump into their pool (divided according to age) and try to catch a fish.

Ben and Dan enthusiastically jumped in.

And then changed their minds, and got back out.

Apparently my boys are afraid of fish.  I wonder if next summer at the fishsite won’t cure them.

After the park we went to Lisa’s grandparent- in – laws for lunch/dinner, then went back to Salina for the parade,

parade 2

and dessert.


By the time it was dark enough for fireworks, the boys were fast asleep in the guest bed at Matt and Lisa’s house.

Some other time.


2 thoughts on “The 4th of July

  1. That looks like so much fun that we’re going to have to come try it out some year! My favorite pic is Ben starting the foot race. Great pic. Hope you’re recovered from all the running about (I’m not). The summer seems crazy!

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