Six Flags

I’m finally going to catch up my blog, and post more often again!

We took a family vacation to California a few weeks ago and had a great time.  We spent time with Clark’s family and got to see new places too.

We arrived a day before the rest of the extended family so we could go to Six Flags with the kids.  They had a blast!


Daniel wasn’t tall enough to go on very many high adventure rides, but Ben was, and let me tell you, he is fearless!  He also enjoyed the little kid rides with his brother.


2 thoughts on “Six Flags

  1. You’ve been able to do lots of fun things! Summer is so fun! We took our boys to a childrens amusment park they had soo much fun. And they were able to ride most of the rides.
    I love your picture of the kids buying fireworks! Classic!
    What a fun sister weekend:)

  2. When Carol and I lived in Santa Barbara we won tickets to Six Flags in Valencia, CA and we had a great time. We loved the big round “bumper cars” that went on the “whitewater” ride. We got soaked then dried out on the swings and Goliath. Good times… looks like you had fun.

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