San Fransisco

Our first day together as a big family group, we went to San Fransisco.  We took a Bay cruise, walked down Fisherman’s warf, saw the Sea Lions on pier 39, walked halfway across the Golden Gate Bridge and back, and had a picnic lunch at a beach by the city.  It was a busy day!  Here are a few of my favorite photos:

We visited the Golden Gate before the fog had rolled off, so the best shot I could get was of the bridge shrouded in mystery.

Golden Gate

Dan stayed in the stroller with Hannah most of the way across the bridge, but I got him out once to let him see how high we were, and how far below us the water was.  He took one look and wanted back into the safety of the stroller.

Dan & golden gate

In the stroller

The Sea Lions were fun to watch.  Loud and stinky, but fun to watch.

Sea lions

One thing I never got used to was the weather.  It was 90 degrees twenty miles inland, and only 60 with a cold wind on the coast.  Crazy!  And yes, we thought we were going to freeze on the cruise!



4 thoughts on “San Fransisco

  1. Your capture of the Golden Gate Bridge is priceless! I just LOVE it! The Bay Area has many happy memories for me. That is where my Mom grew up and we’d visit my grandparents there frequently. I love the sights, sounds and smells! Hmmmm.

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