T- Ball

I’ve decided that I’m not such a great sports mom.  I forgot one game completely, and messed up the time on another so we arrived just as the team was doing the – hands – in – the – circle – rah – rah – thing.  Ben was crushed to have missed the game,   and I,   well, I’ve determined once and for all to get a new brain.  It’s called my planner, and I have been faithfully using in since that fateful evening.

During one of the games that I actually got Ben to on time, I took some pictures.  Big surprise, I know.

He hits with power!


During the games Ben plays,  Clark and I watch Ben with half an eye, Dan with the other half, and Hannah with whatever half is left over.

Hannah crawls around charming everyone,


and Dan usually plays on the playground.  On this particular night though, he amused himself with his dad’s shoes.

Big foot Dan

Over his own of course!


2 thoughts on “T- Ball

  1. i can’t believe you forgot about a game!!! you’re super mom—i’m sure having three kids doesn’t lend to forgetting anything! hahahaha, just kidding! you are a great mom though, and the pictures are really fun!

  2. Such cute kids! About the planner… unless you have an electronic one with alarms… don’t forget to read it. (MY friend and I would joke that we’d look at our planners at the end of the week to see all the things we’d forgotten!) Good luck!

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