Happy Birthday!

Hannah turned ONE!  I can’t believe how fast the time flies. – We had a great family party, complete with cupcakes, and the birthday chair.  Only for this birthday, I decorated a birthday highchair instead of the traditional rocking chair.  I don’t think she minded.

She’s excited by all the commotion.

Get ready

Not quite sure what to do about the candle.

Get set

But she figured out the cupcake in no time!


Isn’t she cute?



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday Hannah! I actually don’t think I’ve even met you yet, but sure do feel like I know you! One of the many benefits of blogging!

  2. I thought her birthday was coming up soon! Congratulations to you and to her! How did she get the great shiner???

    LeGrand fell out of the truck last night, nearly passed out, gave himself a mild concussion, and had a great goose egg on his head to show for it. And I’m sure he had a major headache for the majority of the night. Sometimes I wonder how our children survive childhood…

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