The Rodeo

We took the boys to their first rodeo on Saturday night.  It is so much fun doing “first” things with my kids!  The anticipation and excitement the boys feel as I talk up the event, and then the fun of actually doing it – all definitly on my “top ten favorite things to do” list.  The rodeo didn’t let us down. We all dressed up in our “cowboy clothes”   – which for me was really just boots, and had a great time.  I did snap a picture before the battery on my camera completely died (gotta remember to check that BEFORE 3 minutes before the show!)


The boys were well behaved, enjoyed a shared bag of cotton candy, were properly thrilled at all the right times, and LOVED the rodeo clown.  He made the show!

Can’t wait till next year~


2 thoughts on “The Rodeo

  1. The rodeo is the best place for kids! My oldest son Isaac (5) went to his first rodeo two years ago and this year insisted on doing the sheep riding (mutton busting)- he is completely hooked. Careful, you may end up with rodeo drifters on your hands.

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