Little Helper

It’s been so hard to find the time to blog – I’ve finally recovered my motivation that left me somewhere in about the 5th month of my pregnancy with Hannah.  Now that she is a year old, I feel almost back to my regular self.  So I’ve been motivated.

I’ve spent at least 30 hours this month deep cleaning and organizing the house.  My walls, windows and blinds, – clean.  The fridge and pantry, clean and organized.  Clothes sorted in the kids rooms which are also clean and organized. Book cases – dusted.   Clark built me a scrapbooking nook, that was my favorite spot to organize! (it gets it’s own post later!)

And our storage room.   AHHH, I have to confess that when I finally finished that room, I’d go in there and just stand and absorb the neatness and organization in that room.  I told Clark and he thought it was very insightful about my personality  (he thinks I am slightly crazy, but he knew that already).  I need organization, I crave order.  Without it I don’t function very happily.    Anyway, I still just love standing in that room!

Once the house was set to rights, I’ve turned the motivation to food.  Not cooking it, preserving it.  I bought a great dehydrater and have been using that (more info in a coming post), and purchased 20lbs of cheese (on sale of course!)  and Daniel and I spent a few hours grating and bagging it for the freezer.

That is what this post is really about, my little helper.

Dan helping

Dan did the grating, I cut the cheese into chunks, and bagged.  This little guy was worth his weight in gold!

Cheese 2


4 thoughts on “Little Helper

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  2. He’s worth his weight in cheese! I love that cute little face. And about needing to be organized… I’m the same way, it just makes me happy!

  3. I’m with you. I have to laugh at myself when I do the same thing (stand back and just admire the organization of a well-done job 🙂 ). There’s just something fulfilling about having order in the house (though I have to admit order is hard to come by with three goobers around…maybe that’s why I crave it so badly!).

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