I was experimenting with the light one day, and need your opinion.  First image is in the shade, metering for the shade.  This washed out the background.  The second image is later in the day, in the sun.  Which do you prefer?




6 thoughts on “Light

  1. I definitely prefer the first one. The focus is all on little Hannah with the background being just that… background. Great perspective on both photos thought, you must have been lying down.

  2. the first one, hands down. the background, for some reason, accentuates her developmental stage. No, I’m not coming for the reunion. Do you know many who are?

  3. me again…what lens are you using? i’d love if when you post one your pictures you put your settings that you used so i can learn quicker!

  4. I agree with everyone else- the first one! The lightness of the picture accentuates the happiness of little kids and especially babies and brings out the prettiness in her eyes and her beautiful baby skin. And it’s just background and doesn’t look washed out at all!

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