Family Campout cont.

So, do you want the revised version, or the truth?

Well, if it’s the revised version you are after, skip to where the pictures start.

The truth is that I didn’t sleep much.  Neither did Hannah.  Or Clark.  I don’t know why she woke up, but she was up for a very long time.  We fed her, watered her, changed her, rocked her, snuggled her, and even dosed her up with some Motrin, just in case we had missed something, but she just wanted to cry. And cry. And cry.  Frankly it was one of the worst nights of my entire life.  She finally fell asleep as the sun was coming up.

I was just thankful that

1. She hadn’t woken the boys, and

2. That our friends the Smiths that were camping with us had pitched their tent clear across the meadow from us, and (I hoped) weren’t up all night too.

But as I said, the sun did rise, and Clark build a nice fire to take the chill out of the morning.  He cooked a great breakfast, and we enjoyed the day.




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