Sting Proof

When I work with the bees, I feel no fear.  What’s there to fear when I am sting proof?

This little bee is doing his best to sting me, in fact leaving her stinger behind, stuck in my glove.

Bite through the glove

I know this bee suit is not going to be seen on fashion models any time soon, but I love it.

I feel safe and sting proof.

I have yet to encountered a bee that could penetrate this suit.  (Here’s to hoping I never do!)



5 thoughts on “Sting Proof

  1. I had a thought as I was looking at your photos and reading your post. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a sting-proof suit that applied to life? I’ve had a difficult *stinging* experience with a daughter-in-law! Why didn’t I get my suit on first?

  2. You are the craziest, coolest person I know. I don’t think I could do the bee thing, but I guess you never know till you try it. What do you guys do with all the honey that you get?

  3. Look at you! Wow! I am impressed and all the pictures of the honey look fabulous. We are trying hard to become as good as the Canyon Folk. Next year we’ll try 2 hives. I’m sad we’re not going to be able to keep the honey comb. I think it looks beautiful in a pint jar with honey poured around it.

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