Do as I’m doing, follow, follow me

I love having baby chicks!

This is the first time we’ve had a hen hatch a batch for us, and I’ve got to say, it’s the best.

The little chicks follow mama hen where ever she goes, and do what ever she does.

She pecks, they peck.

She scratches the dirt, they scratch the dirt.

They walk around the yard pecking and scratching all day.

Today I was watching them and mama dealt an immobilizing peck to a grasshopper and then stepped back so her babies could enjoy the prize.

Mama & Babies

They enjoyed it all right.



3 thoughts on “Do as I’m doing, follow, follow me

  1. I think I’ve mentioned we’re jealous, right? I feel like we missed our golden opportunity. Our poor little hen, sitting on dud eggs. It just makes me sad! Keep up the good reporting

  2. Can I say that I”m jealous too? Oh yes- and I want some. What’s going on with the blog- it looks like a website with blue links on the opposite side?

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