Wild honey comb

This is a picture of what wild honey comb looks like.  In a managed hive the beekeeper provides frames for the bees to build their comb on.  This honey comb came from the hive Clark took out from between the floor in an old house.  I think it looks so pretty.  –  If you ignore the dead bees 🙂

Honey Comb-2

I am checking to see if the bees have left their wild comb to join with the hive below them, but it looks like the queen is still alive and the bees are staying with her instead of integrating themselves into the other hive.  It’s too bad, that was their only chance at survival.



One thought on “Wild honey comb

  1. Bees make the cells in the honeycomb slanted slightly to help keep the honey in place. In the top honeycomb photo, the left side of the comb was originally “up.”

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