1.  Go online to the Geo-Cache website, print the coordinates of the cache.

2. Get together with some friends and start on up the trail.

3.  Head off the trail, up the hill when the GPS points that way.


4.  Continue up


and up


and up, until the mouth of a cave in the rocks is visible.

5.  Enter the cave, and discover… the treasure!


7. Gather every one around, and take something out of the tub, and put something else in.  We brought hot wheel cars to trade.


The group

8.  Sign the log book and start the steep trip down.



5 thoughts on “Geo-Caching

  1. You guys are so adventerous. Looks like you had fun, what was the treasure that you found? Look at all that canning that you did. I wish I was closer to you so that I could learn from you. That apple pie looked so good. How do you find time for it all? We can’t wait to see you guys for camping in the spring.

  2. Our family also likes to Geocache! Keith can actually access the coordinates on his Blackberry and his Blackberry guides us where we need to go. We did a lot of it this summer out in North Carolina and checked out every rest stop for potential caches. Hope you have more great Geocaching adventures!

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