We’ve been busy.  Clark and the boys took down the old living room ceiling  (weird stuff, it looked like popcorn)  and we painted the room to prepare for new carpet. 

The end result of re-carpeting is wonderful. The actual process and work involved is not.  However, now that things are mostly put back together again, and the horror of the experience is behind me, I can just enjoy the wonderful new carpet.


2 thoughts on “Busy

  1. These horrible popcorn ceilings are all the rage in CA construction. I was so grateful to move here and find plastered ceilings. I hope you will post photos of the new carpet.

  2. Clark! You da man! How have you been doing? Where you guys living at these days? We are in Farmington, Utah. Been here for just over 2 years now, from Alaska. Write me back and tell me what’s up with you guys! Oh yeah, you can come work on my house anytime.

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