The City Carnival

Can I just say that life with 4 kids is crazy, and confess that I am ever so glad school has started.   I began counting down the days till summer vacation was over the day after it started.  I think being great with child and completely devoid of energy had something to do with it.  That’s why I didn’t blog, or take many pictures, or go on any fun camping trips, or go hiking, or any number of fun things I would normally have done in the summer time.

We did go to the city carnival, and the kids had a great time.  Small town celebrations are fun, and I’m glad we live in one.

Ben and Clark rode the ferris wheel, Daniel chickened out at the last minute.

Daniel and Hannah enjoyed a train ride. (I promise Danny had fun, even though he looks bored stupid.)

Ben and Dan rode a dragon roller coaster.

And we all enjoyed the cotton candy!


7 thoughts on “The City Carnival

  1. I am so glad you are back blogging. Your pictures look great. I am glad you guys were able to get out and do some fun things over the summer. I hate being big with pregnancy during the summer, everything is so much hotter and takes so much more energy.

  2. Hi Lillie:) I’m on the “real” computer and your pictures are so big and pretty! My boys always want to go to the carnival-just seems like so much work, haha:) Good job- looks like you guys had lots of fun:)

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