Hannah Turns Two!

Hannah had a great birthday!  The boys decorated the birthday chair, and I made her cupcakes with PINK frosting.  What can I say – little girls love all things pink!

She wasn’t sure how to blow out the candles, but her brothers (the experts) were happy to lend her their assistance.

MMMMM!  I tried a gluten free cake mix and it was great!

Then of course it was time for presents.  Hannah didn’t need any help opening her gifts.

Her favorite one was a bunch of jewelry from her grandparents.  She amused herself for hours putting it all on (three necklaces, and six bracelets) and then carefully taking it all off, placing it gently in the little purse it came in, zipping the purse closed and then repeating the process.  Over and over and over again.  Clark and I got her a play kitchen and some dishes and food to go with it.

Let the terrible two’s begin!


3 thoughts on “Hannah Turns Two!

  1. Hi Lillie! It’s great to be seeing pictures of you guys again. Your carnival pics are amazing! When do we get to see some pictures of your new little guy? I don’t think I even know his name! Miss you!

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