Introducing Jacob Heber

I’ve finally decided it’s time to introduce the newest member of our family!  (after all today he is seven weeks old!)

Jacob was born on August 2, at 11:33pm in a birthing center.  He’s the only one of my kids not born at home, but also the only one born in the water.  I liked the water birth.

My total labor time as just over 4 hours.  Jacob weighed 8lb 15oz and was 22 inches long.

Here he is – brand new!

We took him home about an hour after he was  born, so when the other kids woke up they had a new baby to meet and hold.

Poor Jacob actually remained nameless for the first 10 days of his life, well actually he had several temporary names: Lincoln, Peter, Micheal, Nathaniel, and McKay, but in the end we decided Jacob Heber fit him best.  I usually call him Jacob, but Clark and the kids mostly call him Heber.

Here is little Heber getting a kiss from his sister.


5 thoughts on “Introducing Jacob Heber

  1. Congratulations! We were wondering about your new baby. It sounds so wonderful. You have such a cute family. Good job on blogging still with a 7 week old (plus the 3 others).

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