Mice are Nice

Except when they are NOT.  Mice are not nice when they invade my garage and house!  Last night I went looking for something buried in a box on a shelf in the garage.  I found the box, opened it thinking, “wow this box smells bad”  took a few folders from the box and noticed the edges were all shredded up.  I stopped there to get a flashlight, and this is what I found!

SEVEN baby mice!  I (foolishly) thought I’d just leave them there, figured the kids would like to see them in the morning.  But when we looked this morning, they were gone.  Mommy mouse had had a busy night moving all those babies to a safer place.

And so the extermination process has begun.  I’ll be introducing our new mouse control plan in a few days.


7 thoughts on “Mice are Nice

  1. What a find! I would’ve done the same thing not thinking she would act so quickly. Soooo, you’re in search of a good mouser???

  2. I hate that process! Can’t I just ask them nicely to leave? I still have trauma thinking about the last little mouse that I could only catch on a sticky trap… and I couldn’t get it off! So sad.

  3. I’m feeling your disgust and trauma. We had a mouse that kept getting in my purse that sits by the nightstand on my side of the bed. In one night it ate a whole package (minus one piece) of fruit snacks!! It had been in my craft closet, on top of the couch in the living room and left droppings on the stuffed frogs I have perched there (ugh!), under the cushions on the couch, and on top of a chair in our bedroom.
    We never did catch it, but in getting a bunch of outside holes plugged up and a lot of traps and D-con in the garage, I think we may have it under control. I still find ‘little’ reminders of where it/they have been, but they are not new. I feel like I need to de-rodent my whole house with Clorox wet wipes!!!
    Good luck!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, like I said in my other comment…I’m not the tiniest bit an animal person, but even if I were I still don’t think I could handle what you found. I can’t even handle looking at the picture…and now it’s ingrained in my head forever! Yikes, I don’t think I can sleep now. Good luck.

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