Bees are sweet.  Look at some of the honey our bees made for us this year.

Sometimes though, the bees are NOT sweet.  We have a hive of bees that is MEAN!  Look what one of them did to Clark.

He was just taking a box off the hive and he got stung on the ankle.  This picture  was taken a few days later.

In the spring we are planning to re-queen this hive.  We’ll do this by smashing the old queen and putting a new one in the hive.   After three weeks all the mean bees will be dead.

We like nice bees!


8 thoughts on “Bees

  1. Wow is that how it all works? You get rid of the Queen and put a new one in and they behave (bee-have) hee hee. After a honeymoon (okay I’ll stop now) period does it happen again after a while together? I love the little containers they are so cute. Way to go, you are awesome!

    • Bees only live about three weeks, so with a new queen the genetics of the hive will change when all the offspring of the old mean queen are dead. Hopefully the new queen will be nice, and have nice babies!

  2. Did u know tanya is a honey collector/lover!? She gets honey form everywhere she goes 🙂 Where do u get a new queen from? online? I hope His poor foot/leg is better! Looks really painful! But “Yay”, for home grown honey! your packaging looks great!

  3. We love honey feel free to send some our way. Konae loves everything bees and wants to have her own hives someday. It would be fun to see how it all works.

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