Purge, Organize, Deep Clean

Deep Clean, Organize, Purge. Over and over and over again.

That is my focus right now.

I am determined to have the whole house deep cleaned (you know, walls, windows, blinds, baseboards, light fixtures…) and organized, and to decrease the amount of STUFF we have by Christmas.

The garage was bumped to the top of the list because of our rodent problem so it is finished (minus the freezer out there) and I completed the storage room last week.

I started our bedroom, but then Clark and I decided to get a storage bed with 12 drawers under the bed (6 on each side) so I’ve put our room on hold until the bed comes.

I am planning to tackle the family room next. I’m saving the kitchen for last because it needs the most help, and I’ve always been a great procrastinator of things I don’t want to deal with.

Anyone have any great tricks or advice for deep cleaning, purging, and organizing, I’m all ears.


3 thoughts on “Purge, Organize, Deep Clean

  1. Lillie,

    If you figure out how to do this, please please come do my house next. I am good at procrastinating things that I don’t like, too. :o) And this is one of them! Happy Cleaning!

  2. Lillie,
    The answer for me is 15 mins at a time. Only pull out what you know you can finish in that amount of time. The other thing we did was to not try to donate everything went in the trash immediately. That way the garage didn’t become worse:) Good luck you will be happy once it is all done!


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