Happy Birthday Ben!

SEVEN years ago I became a mother.

I had an amazing labor and delivery with Ben.  It was the perfect home birth.

I’ll never forget the midwife handing me that small, wet, slippery baby.  I held him for a while before I even thought to check and see if I had a son or daughter.

That first night Ben slept between Clark and I in bed and even though HE slept for a good 5 or 6 hours, I didn’t sleep AT ALL, I was so worried he would stop breathing.

It’s hard to believe it’s been seven years since that night.

Clark made Ben the breakfast of his choice this morning, French toast.

I surprised Ben by picking him up from school at around 11:00.  I invited him to come out to lunch with me.  I was a little worried he’d turn me down – maybe recess with his friends was more fun than lunch with mom, but to my delight he was excited.

When I asked him where he wanted to go he immediately declared “McDonalds!”  I listed a few other places that were a possibility and he was intrigued by  The Trolley, a little local place with part of the restaurant in an old trolley.  I was thrilled to take him there (anything but McDonalds please!).

One of the things we discussed over lunch was what he wanted to do this 7th year of his life.  This is his list:

1.  Get better at skateboarding

2.  Get a new bike – done, he received one for his birthday

3. Hike up to the letter “Y” (on the mountain)

4. Take more family hikes

5.  Go out to eat more often (he must have really enjoyed his hamburger!)

In place of a birthday party this year, Ben invited a few of his buddies and their dads to come rock climbing with him later this week.  It should be a great night.

Here is the birthday boy in the birthday chair getting ready to open his gifts:

And blowing out the candles on his brownie cake:

And just because she is so cute, here is Miss Hannah after licking out the frosting bowl:

I think she enjoyed it – don’t you?


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