Current Events at our house: Daniel

I’m happy to report that Daniel is doing great.  I pulled him out of preschool at the beginning of December because – well, he hated it.

I got tired of carrying him screaming and crying out the the carpool van at least once a week, so I decided to let him take the whole month of December off.

In addition to throwing a major fit when it was time to go to school, his overall behavior had become quite unpleasant. Even though I had planned on sending him back to school in January,  (and pretty desperately wanted to)  he had no interest in going back.  Clark and I decided that it would be better to keep him home.

I knew that he was trying in the only way he could to ask for more time and attention from me, but when he acted like that, I couldn’t get far enough away from him!

December and January were rough.  It is hard to show a child how much I love him when 90% of the time he acts anything but lovable!

It has taken time to change his behaviors, give him the positive attention he needs, and help him feel secure and loved, but I think I’ve done it.  My charming, sweet, happy, helpful Danny is back, and is looking forward to Kindergarten in the fall.

I think Daniel had the hardest time adjusting to another kiddo in the family and I’m glad I’ve been able to help him resolve those issues.

This picture does nothing for Clark, but I like it.

Daniel, showing me an injury on his foot.


One thought on “Current Events at our house: Daniel

  1. Lillie, I love the new look of your blog… very streamline and western looking. So glad you listened to you inner heart on this one.

    and me… I love this photo of Daniel.

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