Current Events at our house: Me

I am NEVER bored.  Ever.

I often feel like I have more to do than the time/energy to do it in.

I am learning to let things go, and be happy with my best effort, even when my best doesn’t get it all done.

I make a conscious effort to put the most important things first (spending time with my kids) and do the best I can with the rest.

In my free time I have been trying to scrapbook a little, and there are days I get swallowed into a book I am reading and only come out when absolutely necessary.

I am really excited that spring is in the air, and have been hiking and biking with my kids.  The boys and I love to go on adventure hikes in the hills behind our house.  Ben and Daniel are avid bone collectors, and we are making mental notes of the locations of all the deer carcasses we find in our ramblings.  The rule is that if the bone still has flesh attached, it has to stay on the mountain!

I have several fun adventures planned for this year, I love having fun things to look forward to.

AND… My hair is longer that it has ever been in my life – so I took some self portraits since my mom wants to see my face on the blog too.

Since I couldn’t decide which of the pictures I liked best, you get to see them all 🙂 -Don’t you feel lucky!


3 thoughts on “Current Events at our house: Me

  1. I love the update on everyone in the family. Your hair looks very nice. Did you just want to see what it looked like long or are you growing it to donate. The head board Clark made looks great. It is nice to have a man around the house who makes things. I look forward to seeing the whole bedroom set next time we visit. I am in my second week of potty training Guinevere. She is doing pretty good, but I agree with you, I hate potty training.

  2. You’re a better photographer than the “Yes! Card” photographers (is that what they were called?) in Hong Kong! You look awesome and you did it all by yourself!

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