Playing Catch-up!

So I sat down to start blogging about my recent trip to Switzerland, and realized that I haven’t posted anything since April 12.

That was before Spring Break.

And Easter.

And the big wind storm that blew all the pine trees down.

And Leslie’s graduation.

And my Mom’s visit.

And before the kittens were born.

And, well,  I can’t just skip all of that and jump right into my Swiss trip, so be patient, and I’ll fly through those other events and we’ll be caught up to Switzerland before you know it!


2 thoughts on “Playing Catch-up!

  1. Or you could write the Swiss trip while it is all fresh and pre-date the other posts to the approximate correct time. I find if I don’t write what I’m doing NOW! I lose it!

  2. I wondered where you’d gone! Good to know you’re still around… We’ve had kittens and chicks and a new baby at our house since you’ve been gone!!!

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