Day 2 Breakfast


The crusty European bread is divine.  Soft on the inside with just the perfect crust.  I had some for breakfast every morning.  With a slice of cheese or as pictured above, butter and jam.

The Swiss cut a piece of butter and spoon some jam on a plate, and then spread a bite’s worth of butter on a small corner of the bread, top that with a bite’s worth of jam, enjoy the bite and repeat.

I confess that most of the time I made my bread and jam the American way…..

doing all the spreading, and then all the eating.


2 thoughts on “Day 2 Breakfast

  1. Hi, this is really crab apple farm. I love these posts! You are such an adorable teenager in Switzerland. No wonder Clark fell for you madly at BYUI! I think the recent pic of you and your mom is lovely too. Your hair looks amazing!

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