Day 2: Bern

Sunday morning we relaxed, had cooking class with Grossmama, ate mittag essen (the main meal of the day which is at noon in Switzerland) and then headed into the city.

We stopped at the Baren Park to see the current mascots of Bern, the bears.  They used to live in pits, but have recently been moved into a more natural enclosure. The current residents include a large male brown bear, and a mama bear and her two one year old cubs. The cubs are almost as big as their mother, so imagine my surprise when she just plopped down on her back and they started nursing.

We also visited the Rosen Garten, and walked through the old town. I love all the flags decorating the streets.

The River Aare.

Me, overlooking the city.

In almost all the pictures Lisa took of me (with my camera) I look a little concerned.  She kept telling me to “RELAX!  I won’t break your camera!”  I tried, I really did!


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